"An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field."

~ Physicist Niels Bohr, quoted in the Harvard Business Review ~

Simon Kenna Telesales Training Coach ~ London & UK

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If you have an outbound or inbound telephone sales team, you are probably wondering how to get more out of them, both individually and as a unit. How do you ensure more productivity, more meetings, more sales and, ultimately, more revenue?

I am based in London and East Anglia, and visit clients across the U.K. and Ireland. I have also had international clients from South America, the USA, Portugal, The Netherlands, Spain, Ireland, Austria, Scotland, Germany, Qatar and the Far East.

I have many excellent testimonials for my services in telephone sales coaching, mentoring and training, which can be read on Google. Please contact me if you wish to speak to any of my reviewers personally. Most are business owners, others are staff who have reaped impressive benefits from working with me. I visit companies across the UK to deliver the best help and long term follow-up.

My fees and follow up agreement are available upon application. Please ask me for a quote! You will be pleasantly surprised when running a comparison with my service in terms of success and also the investment for that success. My terms of business are refreshingly simple. Budgets have rarely been stretched, and all costs are invariably recouped through your team's improvement. Value for money is noted by everyone.

When you book Simon Kenna for your team you get Simon Kenna. I don't work with a team of employees who are delivering my material at seminars in business centres round the country. Why would anyone do that? You get me, and my 3O years‘ experience in the world of persuasion - on your doorstep. Technology has changed, persuasion skills have not. I am offering something very different, very personal to your team. As one of my reviewers says: "The proof of the pudding is in the eating."

I take pride in not giving seminars or needling to involve anyone in demeaning role play situations. These benefit nobody, and embarrass some into resigning from a position they could have mastered with direct, strong and empathetic coaching. Telling isn't selling and that's what seminars are.

I look forward to hearing from you for an introductory conversation.

STEP 1 ~ Read On To Identify The Issues…

I know my staff now need expert training and coaching not just managing.

I do not have the specialist skills to assess the techniques and strategies of my existing team, or to provide them with the necessary telesales training or coaching.

I do not have the time or inclination to kick-start this vital aspect of my business, although I am aware of the importance of telephone sales training for my staff, and know that without it I am probably missing some big opportunities, leaving them open to my competitors.

We lack atmosphere, perhaps authenticity and certainly excitement in our sales office. Something is missing, and I would like to change that.

I have staff who do other things as well as cold call for me, so not much cold calling gets done. Where a person has two or more functions, I know telesales is the first to suffer.

I know what rhythm and buzz are but its hard to get this going in my office. My sales team share an office with others who do not make cold calls. I know how bad this is for morale, but what can I do?
My team is falling short in its sales and revenue objectives and is consistently failing to hit realistic targets.

I know too much time is spent online 'researching'  and not enough time on calls. I know this to be probably my biggest team issue...not enough calling time.

My sales office has a passive atmosphere.

My best account openers are now account managers so we stall on getting new accounts. Staff are just 'too busy' to be building their pipeline.

We are permanently connected to our computer screens and try hard to get business by email when we know what we should be doing? We know we should be calling clients.

My sales team have become seriously bogged down with administration tasks and just do not do the numbers for us to get the new clients we desire.

The very best day for a couple of my team was their interview day. They have struggled ever since. Having someone in to guide me on best practice recruitment would help me.

STEP 2 ~ Get The Most Effective Solution…

…purchase 30 years’ experience of selling, setting meetings by phone and running productive teams with a seasoned eye on recruitment…

Simon’s work focuses on sound process and empirical evidence, proven over many years, that cracks this work and raises the bar across a sales room!

If you're receptive to his methods, Simon's in house coaching is the only telesales training you and your team will need. 30 years' solid experience on the phone, together with having run sales teams in every sort of environment around the world. Huge experience and all available to pass on. His process is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution, since the needs of every telesales team are different. It's all about developing a style/technique that works for every individual within each company he takes on. Without a defined process, results will often be haphazard and controlling a team becomes a tough job. Don't make the mistake of thinking your issues are unique, since they rarely are. Problems in sales are generally uniform and ubiquitous.

Simon's telephone sales training, coaching and follow-up formulas are unique to each set of circumstances he encounters. A process is constructed and implemented directly with the salesperson, although the client's initial input is imperative, and provided via an initial report on what's currently happening or not happening within the client’s company. A starting point is needed, followed by a path forward - and the end-game is improved results and revenue all round.
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Without constructive telesales training and team accountability, you'll be swimming against the tide. Simon will identify the right approach for optimum results, and help you refine and perfect it. One of his most significant contributions is to keep in touch, free of additional charge, for a minimum of three months following a two-day visit. In this way, the process is consolidated and becomes ongoing. A two-day initial visit is optimum. Anyone can fake it for a day, whilst two days enables Simon to get to know your sales team and get to the heart of their main issues in order to establish a future plan. Teams need to be geared up for him, though. Experience shows that without a sales manager fully on side, the intervention can be wasted. This is a crucial point. A lack of willing co-operation is a scenario which Simon always seeks to avoid, so do ensure your managers are on-side before you make a booking.

So, on the strength of the above, is Simon your guy? If so, you have to be ready for change. Simon’s aim is to help his clients become better versions of themselves. More often than not, with a willingness to put in the work, his clients can - and do - become a better, or even the best, version of themselves. Telesales coaching doesn’t get better than that. Imagine most of your sales team becoming the best versions of themselves...as good as in that first interview when they bowled you over with their enthusiasm!
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Call 020 8720 6567 to talk to Simon Kenna, the thinking person’s telephone sales coach. If you follow his lead, he will take you where you want to go. Of course, results will depend on the raw material. The people making and receiving the calls need intelligence, plus a degree of natural talent, which doesn’t apply to everyone. However, with the bespoke guidance Simon provides, most sales staff can overcome whatever is holding them back. You took them on, after all, so presumably you recognise there is potential which can be developed.

A preliminary conversation (for business owners only) is free of charge. This complementary telephone consultation will be both productive and instructive – and, there’s no bill at the end of it. It is an exploratory call, which benefits you and it also helps Simon to judge the suitability of his services. He’s not all things to all men and is happy to state that when necessary. In short, if he feels he can’t help, he’ll tell you there and then.
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