"All things being equal people buy from people they like...
All things being not so equal people still buy from people they like."

~ Mark McCormack American sports agent, Lawyer and Writer (1930-2008) ~

Simon Kenna ~ Telesales Training Coach ~ London & UK

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Forget the seminar ~ get trained with a telesales superstar!

If you have an outbound or inbound telephone sales team, you are probably wondering how to get more out of them, both individually and as a unit. How do you ensure more productivity, more appointments, more sales and, ultimately, more revenue?

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My answer is by engaging professional help on a one-to-one basis for every individual in your office. Where telesales, telephone sales and appointment-making are concerned, the only dependable way to success with staff is via one-to-one tutoring and coaching. When delivered by an industry expert, there is simply nothing to match it.

I help people as they make live calls to potential clients, not via demeaning role-play methods, which seriously deter some workers and which are at best a waste of time for others. I have yet to be disproved on this point - virtually everyone tends to agree with my approach in the end. My one-to-one supervision as workers make calls is the best investment you will make in a team. I am busy every working week delivering this service and I have a large number of testimonials from satisfied clients to show for it.

All you need to be is a focused business-owner, with an under-performing team, with the belief that things could be at least 30% better in terms of productivity. If this is you, then I would welcome the opportunity to pitch my services to you. It is an investment from which you will reap considerable rewards if my past clients are anything to go by. I do not have a team of 'consultants' behind me, who appear in white coats with a stethoscope. Nor, worse, am I someone who unpacks a telesales seminar. If you want the real deal, you will not be disappointed in what I offer as a real life living and breathing alternative. You get me every time never a cardboard cut out of me.

I look forward to hearing from you. Either call my office or e-mail me from the form on my contact page.
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How many of these statements apply to your business...

I know my staff now need expert training and coaching not just managing.

I do not have the specialist skills to assess the techniques and strategies of my existing team, or to provide them with the necessary telesales training or coaching.

I do not have the time or inclination to kick-start this vital aspect of my business, although I am aware of the importance of telephone sales training for my staff, and know that without it I am probably missing some big opportunities, leaving them open to my competitors.

We lack atmosphere, perhaps authenticity and certainly excitement in our sales office. Something is missing, and I would like to change that.

I have staff who do other things as well as cold call for me, so not much cold calling gets done. Where a person has two or more functions, I know telesales is the first to suffer. Nobody voluntarily makes cold calls.

I know what rhythm and buzz are but its hard to get this going in my office. My sales team share an office with others who do not make cold calls so they have an audience for every call. I am sure I know how bad this is for morale, but what can I do?
My team is falling short in its sales and revenue objectives and is consistently failing to hit realistic targets.

I know too much time is spent online 'researching'  and not enough time on calls. I know this to be probably my biggest team issue...not enough calling time.

My sales office has a passive atmosphere.

My best account openers are now account managers so we stall on getting new accounts. Staff are just 'too busy' to be building their pipeline.

We are permanently connected to our computer screens and try hard to get business by email when we know what we should be doing? We know we should be calling clients.

My sales team have become seriously bogged down with administration tasks and just do not do the numbers for us to get the new clients we desire.

The very best day for a couple of my team was their interview day. They have struggled ever since. Having someone in to guide me on best practice recruitment would help me.
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Testimonials... What My Clients Say...
"Simon's blend of experience and honesty in feedback were invaluable to us. I had previously and subsequently been to many Sales Seminars/Courses and read many books on selling but it is Simon Kenna who helped me most to achieve an understanding of sales and why people buy."
Charles C. Business Owner, Upper Norwood, London
"What I can say is that Simon's wise counsel on the subject of sales and telesales is "priceless". A straight talking, honest and up-front person."
Paul B. Business owner, West Midlands
"Without doubt the best investment I have ever made in business."
M.Grant, Business owner, Putney London SW15
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