“Thank you so much for your work with our contact centre. I know the team found it extremely helpful and I appreciated the feedback you provided.”

~ Alex Singleton, www.circlehealth.co.uk (Private Hospitals/Healthcare providers)

Telesales Coaching Case Studies

Case Study One: Mike H...
Mike H. had a new company in an existing industry and had previous experience in the market. His main requirement was a telephone sales team to make strong appointments over the phone. We had a room to fit 18 and between us we did just that and very successfully.

I provided guidance and skills to add to Mike's own in recruiting, mentoring, monitoring and measuring a great team. We had some turnover of staff but that has to be expected but a very much higher level of retention than is normal in his industry. From a standing start the company moved to a high monthly turnover. This has been put down to making sure there were very solid foundations for the phone sales team. Each seat in the room was targeted to hit £20k a month in turnover, this was reached in a very acceptable timeframe.
In Mike's words... "I had been introduced to Simon Kenna 2 years before I was able to open my new business. He came with a book of testimonials. I took him at his word and had him on board to establish a team of telesales qualifiers/salespeople. We have an office at Oxford Circus and it was crucial to hit the ground running with 18 seats to fill. Simon did not flinch at the challenge. He and I jointly recruited a solid team. We had a few, expected, disappointments but rapidly built a hard core of good people. Most of these are still smashing sales targets a couple of years later. Investing in Simon's expertise has been a shrewd move which has paid off very well. He knows how to recruit, train, coach and motivate a telephone sales team. I expect to work with Simon again as my interests in business broaden."
Mike H. Managing Director. Oxford Circus, London **
Case Study Two: Nick D...
Nick D. owned a £1m Master Licence for a business franchise in London. He had 20 licences available in his area for franchisees paying £50k ++ and monthly royalties of £2k irrespective of income so everyone had to sell services very quickly. Nick took me on via a mutual friend as a sales coach and sales trainer for his new business investors/owners and to assist him in selling franchises.
In Nick's words... ""Simon is a rare find in professional circles-he has a depth of experience in sales, as well as in life itself, which gives him access to insights about people in business that can make all the difference in the results being sought. Simon has excellent intuition about people and is a natural in the sales arena. He was a great support to our team throughout the London area, many of whom would not have been successful without his intervention. His coaching not only helped new franchisees get sales and put a lot of money in their bank accounts, but also helped them to take responsibility for themselves, and to understand what it meant to take personal ownership for their business. He always maintained a commitment and loyalty to us personally, as well as to the company and it's interests. His razor-sharp focus on results, but combined with his maturity, street smarts and savvy humour, are a winning combination on any assignment."
Nick D. Master Franchisor, South Kensington, London and now living in Miami, Florida in the same line of business.**
Case Study Three: Clare D...
Clare D. had similar challenges to many I have worked with. She had an existing and successful company but now wished to branch into something new requiring a new team in a fresh office. Clare was looking for ideas, support and real help in getting a telesales team off the ground quickly and expediently with inspired recruiting and steady coaching and mentoring as the pace grew. This was a new team.
In Clare's words... "Simon Kenna is unique- and a true gentleman to boot ! He has all the attributes and skills necessary for the building of a solid, telesales-based business. if you want to put together and develop a successful telesales team, he's your man. From initial recruitment to a fully operational salesroom, Simon can do it all - and what fun you will have in the process. I cannot recommend him highly enough. He assembled and trained a crack team for my company in a short space of time. And we're still flying."
Clare D. Managing Director, Manchester **
Case Study Four: Michael T...
Michael T. is a lawyer and business owner, based in Sevenoaks, Kent.
In Michael's words... "I have known Simon for the last 3 or so years. In that time I have come to respect his integrity and ability as a Sales Trainer and Coach, quite unlike any other I have ever met. I should say at once that Simon is not everyone's cup of tea. His feedback is refreshingly honest and that's important to me - I like to know that what I see is what I get, and you certainly do get that from Simon Kenna ! No platitudes and no hiding place with him. He made me raise my game considerably and those who choose to work with him should do so in the knowledge that he'll make them raise their game as well, so if it's an easy ride you want, forget Simon, he's not the man for you. If, however, you want to see rewards for your labours, then having Simon teach you some of the tricks of the trade is probably the best investment you could make. For me, he has been a pleasure to work with- he won't mince his words in his feedback, but it will be honest and even if it stings you at the time, you will know he is right in what he says. He has the capacity to instil confidence in your own ability, to find where that ability is and to enable you to play to your own particular selling strengths. Finally be prepared to keep up with Simon. He has boundless energy and enthusiasm and he can sell ice to Eskimos entirely without pressure, because he knows that the heart of selling is the relationship he builds with the prospect. I've seen him do it and I've been there when he's allowed me to feed off him and do it as well."
Michael T. Business Owner, Sevenoaks, Kent**
** Copies of the original letters or emails of all testimonials on my website can be supplied, and many of the business owners contacted for verbal confirmation, if needed.
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