“Simon’s has been terrific from the word GO - Invaluable advice that only someone with Simon’s experience can provide. If your sales team needs invigorating then get on the phone to this man. Highly recommended.”

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My Approach To Telephone Sales Coaching

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My Focus Is...

Purely on the medium of the telephone
My approach to increasing sales concentrates exclusively on the medium of the telephone. I am a telesales coach, offering telephone sales training. I do not diversify, since by concentrating on the telephone I can ensure my approach is entirely focused. I have a lifetime’s experience of the challenges inherent in most aspects of telemarketing, appointment setting and telephone sales and the best ways of overcoming them. This means I can maximise the likelihood of a positive and sustainable outcome for all concerned.

From this point of departure, increased sales and profitability logically follow. I identify and address issues of
telephone selling techniques at source and advise on strategy from the top downwards, devising tactics which are specifically targeted to generate the highest revenue and create strong profit margins. Over the years I have learnt that with this approach one can confidently expect optimum results. These optimum results obviously remain the ultimate objective for any company. To get the best results in telephone sales there is a process to follow, which, contrary to popular perception, is not based on random probability.
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My Approach Is...

Innovative, responsive and creative
My approach is flexible as I recognise that each client is unique and that he or she will not respond to a one-size-fits-all methodology. So I ask a lot of questions, aiming to be empathetic at all times and to acquire a personal understanding of each individual I am working with. Everyone works differently, with different abilities, strengths and challenges. At all times my aim is to work with individuals to get their best from them in the full knowledge that there are usually a minority in a team that cannot and a few that will not be coached in telesales skills. I help owners identify and deal in a different way with these situations.

I enjoy the reputation of being innovative, responsive and creative in the strategies I formulate, to help every telemarketing team I work with achieve the most
effective telemarketing techniques it can. At the same time I never expect my clients to try anything which I have not successfully tested myself. I have found this ethos to be an effective way of building trust, which in turn helps each person to gain the confidence they need to discover their full potential.
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My Style Is...

Informal, flexible and fun
My style is informal. If you’re expecting a starched-shirt, corporate stance, do not seek it here. I aim never to patronise or intimidate, since it is my strong belief that a relaxed, friendly atmosphere generates trust and co-operation.

Gaining the trust of my clients means I can implement original and innovative ideas for them. Everything I suggest to my clients I have done myself, therefore I can always justify my strategies and tactics. I have often been described as ‘authentic’. People put faith in my extensive experience as a
telesales trainer to help them achieve their expectations. I am fun! One should never underestimate the importance of - and potential for - humour in a sales room, and I certainly encourage it. I am entirely serious about what I do, but I also enjoy my work immensely and believe others should too.

Follow up meetings, call monitoring and extended feedback are also on offer and work particularly well to keep a team or individuals fully up to speed and motivated.
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