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Frequently Asked Questions

Some Common Queries...
  • What is your philosophy on sales where telephone sales and appointment making are concerned?
    I do not base my philosophy on theory though I do incorporate some specific theory in my work as it is essential. However my philosophy is mainly based on empirical evidence gained over a lifetime in sales. So I work mainly on evidence based experiences rather than working with theories or pure logic on what should happen . Sales is a funny beast and what should happen often does not so I prefer to rely on real life experiences of situations that have happened and these tend to repeat themselves regularly.
  • Should we outsource the telesales department or look to establish an in-house department?
    Wherever possible you should seriously consider the in-house option. The number one reason being control. Control of who is employed, control of what is said on the telephone, control of budgets, targets, discipline and day to day management. Unless it is logistically impossible there are few reasons to outsource what is possibly the crucial hinge to the success of your business. The gene pool for focused telephone sales operatives is exactly the same for you as the agency trying to get you to use them. Setting this up in-house can be hassle-free provided you know the approach, as I do.
  • Can you help with recruitment?
    Recruitment is at the forefront of my assistance to those setting up or renewing their efforts in the telesales department. My experience and intuition built up over many, many years guarantees a first class recruitment drive. I do not get it right every time, and it would be silly to suggest I do. New recruits often let themselves down but a combination of my recruitment guidance and mentoring of staff has worked remarkably well many times over.
  • Can you help with the physical set up of a dedicated sales office?
    Yes I can and there is certainly a 'best way' and several poor ways to set up the department even if it is just a couple of people right up to 20/30. As far as technology is concerned that is an individual choice based on circumstances and I am able to source the most up to date views on any particular issue with regard to this subject. The correct set up of a sales room has a very direct effect on outcomes, so my help is well worth considering.
  • Isn't it easier and more cost efficient just to outsource my appointment making and telesales to one of hundreds of telemarketing agencies?
    Working with me is an almost polar opposite to abdicating responsibility for possibly the most important function on the sales side of your business. You will very quickly see the difference in approach and your ability to achieve sustainable results beyond a "get rich quick" scenario. Control is key and I give you the tools and advice to achieve full control. You can have a professional unit that you control in a short space of time. Long term results will outshine outsourcing every time for SME companies and for many larger organisations. I can think of only 2 possible situations where outsourcing would be the preferred model for doing business.
  • I haven't a clue on this subject or where to begin and happily admit that. How can you help me through the jungle of opportunities that seem open to me?
    Being a strong advocate of in-house sales I can give all the arguments for doing it yourself and then you can decide if these arguments are stronger than making a substantial investment in outside agencies no matter how sparkly they seem on the surface. Look at the recent scandals of national charity fundraising by outsourced telemarketing companies for all you need to know of the perils of outsourcing. Your core values and reputation can be ruined by wolves in sheep's clothing. Having total control means more than just financial advantage over outsourcing. Where customer service is concerned there is a case for volume outsourcing but where sales and appointment making are concerned you need to be very careful.
  • My team has collapsed, my manager has run off with my contact list and a beaver has chewed through my outside phone lines. Can you help?
    Implosion of teams is not uncommon and I have been called upon to resurrect, restructure and restore a team often at short notice and with positive outcomes. I also install a fall back plan as insurance to any such unexpected scenarios. Forewarned is forearmed. Telesales is a delicate balancing act at the best of times. Safety nets are important.
  • What next?
    Please go to the contact page. The online form is best. Let me know when you can be contacted for a conversation. There is no obligation at this stage, my advice is free. If engaged I can work anywhere in the UK and Ireland provided you can be reached by train and where necessary I can be picked up.
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