"An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field."

~ Physicist Niels Bohr, quoted in the Harvard Business Review ~

Advice for Telesales in Tough Times

Unless you are an estate agent things could be looking quite grim at the moment as far as telephone sales are concerned. My view is that things are usually only grim if you allow them to be. If you are an accomplished salesperson you will know already that consistency in calling is the key as you certainly will not convert more enquiries into business if you start the day thinking it’s going to be very tough.

If you are qualifying leads or booking meetings (appointments) then for sure there are some obstacles to overcome. Remain positive on each new call is my tip !

Zoom meetings, (though I personally dislike them), are an alternative. There is a whole art to Zoom calls and setting up Zoom meetings. I have all the advice you would need in this respect.

However, with modern technology, online brochures and price lists etc I favour the phone every time over Zoom type calls. Call me old fashioned however I am right. Most Zoom calls simply bring distractions to the calls. A chance to show off I read recently.

A little known fact is that in the USA several business polls confirm that around 80% of business owners and decision makers strongly dislike Zoom pitches. Internal Zoom calls within your company are completely different and acceptable. Then it’s useful for morning meetings etc particularly if you are working remotely.

There is now a very different methodology to be used to ensure success in cold calls during what may be a long period of pandemic. Again, to get these skills which truly will make a difference I suggest you ask me about how I help people master their phone calls with confidence and without  pressure and despondency.

With a new and more persuasive process your numbers and conversion rates will assuredly improve. Please don’t simply take my word for this - check out my testimonials.

As for the huge swing to telesales departments working from home this presents new challenges for all concerned which includes those making the calls and the management/directors overseeing the operation.

My experience on this subject is total. On average less than 10% (if even that) will operate as well on their own as they would in a team environment in an office unless they get professional guidance. I have all the data anyone might need to prove this point. To get the best from a team working from home why not apply for help from someone who knows this side of business and everything connected to it backwards ? The rewards of working with me are confirmed by the feedback you can read on this website. Do nothing and nothing will change is my suggestion at this point.

Call me on 020 8720 6567 and set up a no commitment conversion. Join those who are not missing much in these challenging times .

My guarantee is that if I feel I can’t help I will tell you immediately in our first conversation. (There are some companies that even wild horses cannot help). Likewise you will tell me if you feel I am probably a cracked record. Working together needs to be a mutually satisfactory   arrangement. I look forward to hearing from you without any promise from me or obligation from you. 

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