"An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field."

~ Physicist Niels Bohr, quoted in the Harvard Business Review ~

Your telephone remains the Gold Standard for communication.

Video Calls ?  No thank you.

I am currently getting a number enquiries around the subject of video calls for telephone sales. Many will encourage you to slip into this style of communication in current circumstances.

My simple suggestion is do not entertain the idea
if you or your company have always worked via the  telephone for opening accounts. This may be the view of a dinosaur as it goes very much against the current trend.

As a substitute for a face to face meeting everyone needs to make their own decisions regarding face to face being substituted by video. In these circumstances I will agree that it’s a fair proposition. For regular clients who are comfortable with video - no problem.

However for phone sales you will simply be introducing limitless distractions to your presentation. I do not buy any of the bells and whistles . One suggestion has been a Green screen and a good lighting set up. Even with this I am going to suggest that video calling is an unnecessary addition for SME new business account opening calls  There are several variables in the decision taken by different companies and everyone will choose their own options.

The current situation does not change the value or structure of proven cold calling techniques. Adding a running stream of your face and background as you pitch clients will invariably be no great advance to the spoken word and could well lead to delay, prevarication, image rejection  and often counter to the presentation you infer in simple a phone call. Video adds a subjective level to your new business calls.

Making a short video presentation of your products and services is a big step forward for some and I am the first to appreciate this.

However for new conversations with prospects I suggest video conferencing / individual video presentations will not achieve more than the time tested 1:1 mouth to ear conversation. That, for me, is the time honoured and most effective route. What happens after the first call is up to you. However I am a committed sceptic on the value of setting up video calls to introduce yourself and your company.

You need to think about it and draw your own conclusions. Mine were formed a long time ago and nothing will sway me away from “mouth - direct to ear” conversations.

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