"An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field."

~ Physicist Niels Bohr, quoted in the Harvard Business Review ~

Telemarketing in the UK : Who is making your calls ?

(I am grateful to www.datathatcounts.com for the inspiration and much of the content in this post).

“We tried telemarketing but it didn’t work.” This statement can be heard resonating down the years from companies who should be embracing active telephone canvassing. To put it mildly many, many companies let themselves off the hook preferring the inferior razzmatazz of “social media”. Well, excuse me for disagreeing as follows:

Bearing in mind that despite advances in technology, picking up the phone and having direct contact with prospects is still the most effective method of generating leads, opportunities and sales. 

       “We tried telesales but it didn’t work for us”

Such a sweeping statement deserves closer scrutiny, to establish exactly why “telesales didn’t work”.

What level of preparation went into the campaign before the calls were made?

How was the target market identified?

Where was the marketing data sourced from to ensure that they were speaking with up to date accurate contacts in the right job functions at companies that met the campaigns ideal prospect profile?

What thought went into what was going to be said on the telephone?

How were follow up requests to be dealt with?

What were the objectives of the campaign-appointments-leads-both?

Most importantly perhaps is what  level of competence have the people you entrust with this work ? Have they been trained in the art of persuasion and getting results ?

There are usually a number of holes in the prep phase but also and interestingly, when it comes down to it the person who’s actually been tasked with making the callsoften,  unfairly to them, are inexperienced and poorly prepared for the task.

For some reason telemarketing is often seen as a low skilled task that needs to be done and so an attitude of getting someone junior in a Company to get on the phone and “make some calls” prevails.

Results not surprisingly are often disappointing and so therefore “telemarketing doesn’t work for us”. I like to use the word FATUOUS in response to this phrase. There isn’t a single company that could not improve results if they are in an open market situation.

Some people with basic knowledge can do an oil change on their car, and can also change spark plugs, fit an air filter, and know a bit about basic fault finding but you wouldn’t want them putting your new gearbox in would you ?

They probably wouldn’t know where to start and there’s a good chance that if they did have a go, your car wouldn’t be able to go backwards when they’d finished.

Telemarketing is a tough, professional and skilled job. When carried out in the right way it can be a great addition to your overall lead generation strategy.

Don’t ask just anyone to do it however or you’ll end up with your gearbox all over the floor!

Make sure that the data you are using for your campaign is absolutely spot on in terms of accuracy, and meets all latest marketing legislation which includes TPS checking. 

Then make sure that whoever is making the calls has the ability and experience to engage your prospects in a meaningful two way conversation to uncover genuine leads, opportunities and sales.

With high quality marketing data, being used by a professional telemarketer, you’re well placed to reap the rewards from your next campaign.

☎️ I would like to thank Robbie Stepney of www.datathatcounts.com for his inspiration with this article. Robbie is a very competent list broker and the lists  are high quality (I have used them with clients) and I am happy to truly endorse his services.

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