"An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field."

~ Physicist Niels Bohr, quoted in the Harvard Business Review ~

Where is your mobile phone today ?

This blog will annoy quite a few and will make perfect sense to quite a few more so on balance I recommend it to you all.

Phones in the office of the mobile variety:

Anyone have a clue how many business days a year are lost to social media browsing and phone chat /texting to buddies whilst at work?

The strange thing is that I never visit an office where anyone mentions or admits this habit, even when asked. It’s collective numbness to the notion that time is being wasted and taken from your employer. Mobile phone use for games, browsing and texting in sales offices is simply embarrassing.

Everyone used to be furtive with their social media browsing at work always or often hiding it from colleagues.

Not so now, mobile phones are in permanent and conspicuous view at all times on nearly all desks. A few companies have the strength to specifically ban them in “work time” as do some schools. 

The most common moan from telesales operatives is not having enough time to do their work. With such indiscriminate use of mobiles it’s no surprise.

Many simply pay lip service to the notion that there is anything wrong about the habit. You all know that if it were your company and your money paying the wages you wouldn’t want it. You would not want your team shoplifting your time is a good way to look at it.

One way for employers to solve this conundrum is from the start in the interview situation. I ask about social media and its relationship to work. When I get the right answer that sets the tone for all future discussion and works every time. I ask people if they need 24/7 contact with their partners or children ? Give me the wrong answer and your interview ends. Once you confirm to me that you will work when you come to work then the issue is settled. We should not need to revisit the subject.

As the old Irish saying goes “There is a time to go fishing and a time to dry your nets”. When you are at work in a Telesales role you are fishing. Those that get this, and only those, are the winners in a team. If you sit at your desk drying your nets ( lazing around on your phone) you need to be moved on to make way for a fisherman. I am ruthless in giving this advice. There is a ton of immaturity around phone use.

In America they go further. Cell phones are often confiscated during school and work time. Emergencies are dealt with via the office phone. They go as far as computer screens switched off for calling sessions with leads printed out in advance. They ban browsing , they ban the time wasting on Linkedin and they refocus teams to doing the job. Making calls.

The best companies in the US do not allow Email during phone prospecting time and that is a huge step forward on its own. Successful departments are limiting the rat runs from the core function of a Telesales / new business drive. 

If a team is focused on the calls in these sessions then good results flow. All the administration work is done later. You make notes on paper and  your potential clients make notes and you keep calling. You add notes to whatever system you use later and you need to be concise. Time wasted on pointless phone notes is another subject.

I would like everyone to think how often their phone is switched on in a church, in a cinema or theatre and then tell me it’s required whilst you are working in sales ? 

Having a seperate business mobile is allowed but it needs to be business only.

So when you hear the excuse of “Not Enough Time” it’s high time a team realised that time is all they have.

There is simply no such thing as “not enough time” in a sales office. You only have the same amount of time like all of us. Time passes and it’s how we use our time that’s important. Bemoaning lost time is pointless. Time moves on. Check your daily use of your time. It’s easy to improve and you can start with your phone 📱 

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