"An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field."

~ Physicist Niels Bohr, quoted in the Harvard Business Review ~

Let’s Talk About Talking

You may ask why I am reviewing someone else’s book ? The reason is that I am a great admirer of things well done. I got in touch with Greg with some views on his first edition and we started a conversation.
Subsequently Greg has asked me to write the Foreword to his updated and supplemented book Let’s Talk About Talking. It is newly available on Amazon and here is my Foreword which
neatly doubles as a review.

“I fervently wish Greg’s book had been around when I started out in telephone sales. The difference between his publication and almost all the others of its kind is that Greg is someone who, for a lifetime, has done what he talks about. It shines through on every page. His experiences are recounted in an amusing but clear and satisfying way. No snake oil here.
No one could have written a book like this, unless they had lived the life and dealt with all the obstacles and pitfalls first-hand. There is no psycho-babble or jargon. Greg’s book is exactly what’s needed in this modern age when nobody has time to sneeze. Your performance will be enhanced from day one.
Anyone in a professional environment who uses the telephone to generate business should read this book. Greg’s insight, discipline and intuitive thinking certainly resonates perfectly with my own coaching methods, particularly with younger people, who have grown up with computers.
For business owners this book should be considered an indispensable team textbook. It will significantly help you with new recruits and also with your more experienced sales staff.
Anyone who answers the phone to a prospective client in your office is strongly advised to acquire it.
It’s very hard not to benefit from the wisdom and symmetry of what Greg writes here. If you are in sales or customer services, then for a very small investment, this book will repay you thousands of times over.
So buy it, absorb the advice, apply it daily and watch your garden grow. In my view, this book is unique in its genre and from a true master of the subject.”
The above is my Foreword to Greg Peake’s new edition of Let’s Talk about Talking.
Should you be interested in why I am promoting someone else’s book the answer is simple. I am very comfortable in my own skin and happy to endorse a very good book on the subject of telesales. There are a ton of sales books out there and this one sits neatly on the top for telephone sales. Those who know me would know I would not endorse rubbish.
Let’s Talk About Talking “ dovetails perfectly with my own coaching of sales rooms around the UK and Europe.

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