"An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field."

~ Physicist Niels Bohr, quoted in the Harvard Business Review ~


The above is as true in sales as it is in most aspects of life. We all tell ourselves stories, on every subject imaginable. As an avoidance technique, it sometimes works. However, in the area of sales, it generally needs scrutiny.

The default position for most in sales is 'the lazy person's way': a reliance on being fed leads; reliance on e-mail; on using a CRM system as a prospecting tool; on not picking up the phone to inbound inquiries and simply bouncing an email back to the enquiring potential client. I could go on.

I come across a large percentage of people who are too busy doing 'stuff'  to get on the phone and drill down on their leads. The excuses run as easily as an open tap. I've heard them all.

Business-owners are amongst the biggest culprits. Do they have any idea how much of an advantage it gives them to call back prospective customers themselves? It seems not. If I had a small business, I would be monitoring all inbound inquiries like a hawk. I would select a few and make the return calls myself. Why not ? It’s a way of monitoring. Please don’t cherry pick the best leads as that is counter-productive. Just pick a couple and do them yourself. 

Telling yourself a story can also be applied to researching leads, increasing the number of dials, making strong and effective drive calls, clinching deals, following them up to make sure the client is happy and will return and ultimately.

Telling ourselves a story is universal so don’t suggest to yourself that the foregoing does not apply to you. It applies to you, me, your boss, the owner of the pub, the estate agent, the window cleaner, even the dog. 

We all tell ourselves persuasive stories, stories which allow us to project an image enabling us to do things in exactly the way we want at the time. However, that thought process is often very wide of what we should be doing. I hope you agree so far ? Here comes my point.

It’s why so many of us need to stay on track so we employ coaches, advisors and trainers to help us in so many areas of our lives - fitness, diet, sport, hobbies, complexion  and, of course, business. 

You are not obliged to take my telephone sales advice, but you should be reaching out to someone to help you keep on track. I learned this lesson about storytelling a very long time ago - and this solution works.

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