"An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field."

~ Physicist Niels Bohr, quoted in the Harvard Business Review ~

12 Ways Extra Telesales Coaching Works

And why I may be the guy to help you get your team going…

1. The number one reason is that telephone sales staff need effective and sustained coaching in the first place so the word "extra" is a little superfluous. Sales coaching from a seasoned professional is great to both drive results and have a happy team working in an enjoyable environment. With me you buy 30 years "hands on" experience of everything 'telephone sales'. That kind of experience is a rare commodity. It may sound grand to say I have seen it all, and I cheerfully admit that I still get surprises which is what makes my work enjoyable. There is always someone new. Something new, some new way of people not doing what they should be doing to gain new business.

2. Cold call training and inbound call handling often rests simply on a brief introduction for the new person into the team and being handed a script, or nothing, and a suggestion of listening to others and an instruction later to just 'get on the phone". Again the question of 'extra training' should really be a reinforcement of induction telephone sales skills training. What I can do is coach people to sustained success. That explanation is as near to what I do as you will get in this blog! I am not giving away my methodology here. When people start they should be taken under the wing of someone there, even the MD, who knows how to pull in the business effectively.

3. Extra or ongoing training and telephone coaching is a requirement for all members of the team. We all have our own shortcomings and foibles either in content, tonality, delivery, telephone fluency, pace, geniality, shutting up, persuasiveness, laziness, phobias, irritability, getting going, clock watching, keeping on track, motoring and achieving the basic premise of the calls. There is a lot more to coaching in telesales and telemarketing than the usual carrot and stick approach. For example do you have any idea how much people's attitude to their work is affected by their lifestyle? Few people get that.

4. The whole telephone sales show must be designed in such a way that the sales department is full of the leading actors and the rest of the organisation is the support and chorus. People selling on the phone should have a day planned out that involves a very high percentage of contact time, a reasonable amount of down time and very little administration work. This policy is unlikely to fail if the whole company is signed up to the real understanding of the role of the telesales team. Without meetings set and without new sales and new clients the rest of the company will eventually not have jobs. That's a great way to see it. I move telesales right up the food chain, everyone then gets it. This department is the engine room of the company. The department rarely gets the respect it deserves.

5. Coaching is necessary to keep the team on the rails. Many influences affect the performance of individuals in the team. Many of these influences are nothing to do with the job in hand or even the workplace. As an experienced sales coach I can spot body language and speech variations that indicate someone is derailed from their best performance. Time spent communicating with a telesales team individually as their "buddy" in business really works in a skilled coaching arrangement. I cannot guarantee this for everyone.

6. "Telephone selling is just a numbers game". This is one of several classic old wives tales in sales. Selling is not a numbers game although a number of calls have to be made to achieve any sales. The real "game" is the one of performance. Without the performance when the occasion demands it the sale is lost irrespective of how many numbers have been dialled.

7. "We are all salesmen, every day of our lives. We are selling our ideas, our plans, our energies, our enthusiasms, to those with whom we come in contact. Thus the man of genial personality is bound to accomplish more than the man without it". (Charles M Schwab, American Steel Magnate, 1862-1939).

If this needs explaining to anyone in terms of additional telephone telesales coaching or anything connected to the sales process then you are doomed. Neither I nor anyone else will be able to help your team excel in their chosen field of work.

8. Just offer extra coaching to your sales room and see how few of your team will leap at the chance. This will clearly show you how ready they are for change. In my experience only a couple in 10 will really embrace the idea and a couple will be really scared or aggressive about the idea. If you can persuade the ones in the middle to see the light then extra telesales coaching from the outside and additional specific telephone sales training will help them enormously.

9. Aim high, that's the key with an existing or brand new team. Break down the goals into bite size achievable targets. You may need help in quantifying what to aim for and how long a period of time it will take to achieve these goals. Unrealistic goals are very bad in phone sales and management need to be careful of setting realistic goals that can often be reached but not too easily either ! Also driving people is a skill. Commission, bonuses and threats are not always all that is involved. Sometimes the main driver lays outside these areas.

10. An outside periscope evaluation of your team on the phone can help quantify and qualify where extra coaching will be of benefit on an individual basis. Where I come across very bright, enthusiastic staff I have often been able to galvanise their performance beyond all expectations of management. Without meaning any disrespect most company owners have a lot on their plate and by outsourcing this specific area of helping the telephone team excel they will help themselves greatly. The feedback I get proves this. Please check my reviews on Google.

11. "Extra coaching and training? No, my team are just lazy, I need to fire a couple and keep the rest on their toes". All I can say is good luck with that approach. Flying in the face of all the evidence outlined here. Far too many telesales teams are run on the revolving door principle. This simply allows managers to have lazy days and stay completely off the hook in regards to staff retention and betterment of the department. Getting the right bodies on the seats at the get-go is the best start and then a pragmatic approach to success and failure within an individual by careful monitoring of what's really going on.

12. So, if you call me and arrange a phone meeting you will end up speaking to me, a 30 year phone veteran now helping many others. You will not speak to any carbon copy of me and I do not run a team of teachers doing my coaching for me. I do it all and welcome new calls. Call me and speak to a live person who will take your details and you will be contacted directly by me normally within 24 hours. If we have a successful call and you see the synergy that is possible then we book in my visit to your premises anywhere in the UK. That's the process . Always have a process is my free tip here. I give people processes and it works in many environments. Please note, success cannot be guaranteed. I have failures though this is always a failure in people to reach out for time tested help. It is worth noting though. You will need to provide the raw material of reasonably well recruited staff. But you know that.

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