"An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field."

~ Physicist Niels Bohr, quoted in the Harvard Business Review ~

The Real Reasons For Call Reluctance And Yielding Behaviours

The many (but not all) possible issues that could be slowing your telesales office down…

1. Being too busy for cold calling. This is basic avoidance. Surgeons are not too busy to start and complete open heart surgery without distractions. Leadership comes from the top everywhere. Don't be pressuring others to do what you don't do. All MDs are the best ambassadors, or should be, of their company. There isn't a person anywhere who could not call a potential client. But how well ?

2. Being too senior for making calls. My personal favourite. I see it at every single company I visit. The words manager and director in your title should mean you lead the way. You pick up the phone and make COLD CALLS to live, potential clients. Leadership always comes from the top, or should. Nobody is too senior to pick up the phone.

3. Pseudo reliance on LinkedIn and website browsing for information. Simply call the company. LinkedIn is a fudge. You use it when all else fails not as the first thing for every call. You are wasting time. You connect to websites during the call not before the call.

4. Massive over preparation for calling. We all know what this is. Calls need to be one after the other not 10-20 minute gaps. Before computers Telesales was far more efficient. We made far more calls (and we made much more money).

5. Low probability expectations. You don't expect to win. Therefore your calls become weak and yielding. Expectation of failure clouds every call. You can snap out of this is the good news. Watch Jordan Belfort on YouTube explaining tonality. Start using these ideas . They are essential.

6. Letting oneself off the hook. As above but you are not mentally prepared to win, you are ready to display yielding behaviour. You are ready to collapse even as you dial. You are just not in warrior mode. You would rather be making the tea. You are the guy likely to spend the day emailing to info@

7. Letting gatekeepers off the hook. You get fobbed off. You yield and get fobbed with the suggestion of " Send an email to info@". You fail to engage with gatekeepers as you have been advised to get past them not to get on with them. Golden rule here. Never send as much as a piece of cheese to info@ , ever.

8. Letting subordinate conversations happen without retaliation. Essentially pitching the assistants all day. Yielding behaviour. This is nothing new. It has always been present in a telephone sales environment. Pitching the lower divisions thinking that you are pitching the Premiership guys. Be self aware on this, even where you have to do it.

9. Allowing Mr Big off the hook. Being fobbed off with an email request. You know when it happens and you also know how often it happens.

10. Not following up and following up late. The key is to ask your prospect to call you back. This is a real skill and needs plenty of resilience. This has the be taught in my experience, but what a skill!

11. Not scoring any points with advances in the conversation. Just going through the motions and putting the phone down without a single advance. That's a fail.

12. Calling when everyone else calls. Building yourself up for fails. If you can't get people you find out when they get in in the morning and call then not when they will be "available" and call then. People are rarely " available" when you are told they are. But 10 minutes after they get to work is a great time to call. Get in early yourself for these calls. It's the job. This is a golden rule in telephone calling for sales. Please follow it.

13. Not coming into work fully charged for lift off early. You see this every day. People taking as long as a football match to crank up (90 minutes) before making a call.

14. Being on the internet/ mobile device when calling. No focus. Calls need real focus. It's OK to be on the site of the person you are calling but nowhere else please. Focus. Before screens people were able to focus and succeed far better with new business calls. That's not Earth shattering news it's just the facts.

15. Daydreaming. Self explanatory and particularly day dreaming whilst staring at a screen.

16. Wrong office layout. Wrong people sitting next to you, those who never make calls. A disaster. The accounts department, HR, Operations etc. Sit next to salespeople only.

17. Stopping before getting started. Never building the required rhythm during the day. 10-15 minutes between calls is the give-away. Calls need doing quickly whilst making notes and all data entry done at the end. Be very modest with data entry. It wastes so much time.

18. Stopping at a winner. Do you think famous sportsmen stop at a winner ? Whole offices can stop when one person gets a deal. Please avoid this.

19. Self talk. Telling yourself you are not good enough, not up to it, or blaming the leads are all versions of self talk and you need to keep it in check.

20. Claiming too many interruptions. That's not being organised. You have not isolated your diary or yourself from your colleagues or your inbound calls. Making calls puts you in the same position as an MD being in a meeting. That means no interruptions.

Make no mistake I am the first to know how hard it is to run, optimise and manage a telephone sales office. It is not easy. The above are some simplistic cause and effect situations. Please feel free to contact me for more information on your specific issues. An investment in my help can be like fitting a proper hinge to a door. Suddenly it’s starts opening and closing a lot easier.

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