"An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field."

~ Physicist Niels Bohr, quoted in the Harvard Business Review ~

Why Focus Is Number One In Sales

Focus is all about the small stuff. Look after the small stuff as well as you can…

Part of my life is spent "going on a bit" with people. I am sure this is quite annoying to some. Trouble is, it works. However, where it works, it works really well and we all end up happy. Truly. This is because I focus on where people need to be with their work and their attitude to it. I focus on their focus and check that their focus is in the right place to achieve the very best. I help people produce their very best version of themselves.

I have struggled with many over the years yet some of the hardest nuts become my best supporters. Coaching is what I do and I don't mind the struggle. Some reading this have experienced that struggle and now enjoy "Happy Days". You have told me so. For others my suggestion is to please start taking the uncomplicated advice offered. I do meet resistance. I do meet defensiveness. Finally I can meet obstructive and defeatist people. They are all part of the rainbow of personalities that life throws up. Only the terminally defeatist and continuously obstructive cannot be helped. They have no focus. They don't see it that they need to change and stop being the person that is not attracting other people in sufficient quantities. A lot of us are just inexperienced and there is nothing wrong with that at all. Everyone starts somewhere and the talent you have is mainly already inside you. It just needs coaching out of you.

If you are not the best, and that's most of us, I suggest you shadow the best in your office if there is one ! Invariably they won't mind. It's only poor people who mind helping others sometimes. Shadow the best but don't be a pest is my advice. Also the 'best' comes in many forms in sales. You can still be the best in certain attributes even if not the best overall.

Sit next to the best if you can. Do observe how they are often very orderly in their own way. Very on the ball, very disciplined (maybe not with paperwork) on the phone in their own way and have perfected a certain methodology on the phone. That good performance is backed up usually by a great ear. They listen well.

Second is great delivery. The best have summed people up mentally as they go along. Often right, sometimes wrong. Percentage wise they win. They convert enough to make their style work for them. They accept that they don't win every call. By delivering the same level of excellence to each potential client they attract those who will place an order. That is consistency. Consistency in delivery is very important. Be the best every time when speaking and listening. That way you capture almost every opportunity. If there is no opportunity you move on. The best are quickest to spot the "no opportunity" and recognise it and move on. They can see where a potential client has disqualified himself.

Every call is won or lost. Either you persuade the potential client to do something or that same potential client or his gatekeeper persuade you they are not doing something. This is a simple and very true outcome. Write this down, seriously write it down and remember. Either you win or the potential client wins. No banana for second place. You can always learn from second place but you will never get the banana. A win is not necessarily an order of course. A win is a positive outcome, an advance in the process from before you made the call.

Remember this: Not everyone wants to even consider buying from you, the cold caller. They may have an existing relationship. They are happy to pay a little more for the great service they are currently receiving. They really don't want to talk to you to save a measly %. What you should be doing is attempting to be the nice guy and build the platform for the future. I have told every single person that buys into me that what you should be doing with happy people is position yourself for when their supplier drops the ball and they become unhappy. We all drop the ball, not just rugby players. I have done it and frankly if you have not done it you are from another planet. Or more simply, I do not believe you.

I always tell my clients that focus is their single best ally. It's the best word you can use in an interview . So, if you have focus tell your interviewer. In your work you focus on the next call all the time. If you focus on doing the next call to your best then your morning looks after itself. That way your day looks after itself and so on. This is exactly how to work. You need no other ideas on making the best use of your day on the phone. Focus.

Focus is all about the small stuff. Look after the small stuff as well as you can and watch the big picture of a great month unravel. Bring targets down to the immediate future. Have a target to fulfil in the morning. Again, it's that simple. Daydreaming on weekly and monthly targets is just that. Stop that stinking thinking and focus in the here and now.

Your target by the way is not a number of sales or meetings set. That is the outcome of doing the work and is a yardstick you are judged on . Your own personal target is calls made, time recorded being on the phone. That's what should be your target each day. Clearly you need good prospects to be calling and I am assuming that here. Doing the work and doing plenty of it is the key. Your target is to be busy, be industrious, make the calls and with the right enthusiasm and a smile on your face. These are the attributes of a focused worker.

When you consider all the opportunities you have to let yourself off the hook each day you will understand that focus on what needs to be done is the most important ingredient. If you cultivate this attitude everything else will follow. Percentage wise the focused salesperson will always win in the end. You cannot win everything and you will not expect to but you will steadily climb any ladders put up in front of you is my very experienced guess.

Final tip. Cold calling is like the spin of a roulette wheel. As long as the wheel itself is not fixed in favour of the casino your chance on winning anything remains the same from one spin to the next. Each new call is a new opportunity. Try hard not to be influenced by the past spins of the wheel this week. Keep an open mind on each new call. This is a hard hitting message and only because it's so important. My message is not to give you a hard time but rather to suggest you give yourself a bit of a hard time.

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