"An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field."

~ Physicist Niels Bohr, quoted in the Harvard Business Review ~

The Benefits Of Using Telephone Sales Scripts

Crafting and delivering a script that will entice potential clients over the phone…

Those of you working with me and interested in getting your scripts correct will have my advice available to help you craft and deliver the best lines to entice your potential clients over the phone. You have to write them of course and then we can improve them as time goes by to deliver what you need in order to get positive responses! You need to be realistic on outcomes. You also need to be creative and draw in help from colleagues.

For those members of the wider business community reading this blog here are a couple of reasons for having a script and a few tips.

There is little you will hear on the radio or watch on TV that has not been scripted in some form, either completely or partially. Same thing for the theatre. So there is an enormous clue in there. Scripts work, good scripts work even better. Not having a script is like swerving around on a runaway horse.

Only a small number of companies are using a script for telesales and even less using a methodology for their teams to be delivering a concise and clear message that is truly consistent each time they deliver it and across the board. A good script leads to a commitment. Most people doing the same job in sales are seemingly selling something different to their colleagues ! It's not just what you sell it's how you promote it that draws in the clients. It's how you distinguish the features and benefits as the old story goes. Knowing when to push on with what you say and absolutely, and consistently, knowing when to shut up. The ability to shut up in sales is one of the top traits of the best in sales.

The most scripted sounding people are, not surprisingly, those who have no script who talk about not wanting to sound scripted ! They often, but not always, regurgitate the same amateur garbage presentation delivered at 100 miles an hour to everyone they speak to. They miss things out in every call. I hear it in offices across the land. They have made their own style up. Sometimes it works well but often it is poor in comparison to what should really be being conveyed across the board. They also miss the point that whilst they are overfamiliar with what they are saying it is usually the first time their prospect has heard it. A bit of a mismatch often occurs.

Old style sales companies, the names of which will be lost to most reading this, based their phenomenal sales success on scripts . (The most famous being NCR in America. The National Cash Register company). Yellow Pages would have been another, The Ford Motor company another. These were cornerstone companies in sales. Much of their fantastic methodology has been lost in the digital age. People buy from people, they always have. A point worth remembering.

Every unscripted call made will be full of garbage phrasing, pausing, umms and ahhs and when people ask questions they will reply with "well, to tell you the truth" or "to be honest". Don't take my word for it. Listen to this stuff in your own offices.


A script will give you flexibility. Your own garbage does not...

There is a pitching process that will be individual to each company. If you don't have that process you will be struggling. I give all my clients the process that we discuss and will most likely be the template for their future success on the phone. It's not usually straightforward and indeed does vary from one company to another even within the same industry.

Role play with a good friend at work is great. First thing in the morning. Role play with anyone in authority at your company is not going to work. Role play with me is not going to work either ! Only with a friend please. My website and every sinew of my body tells me to advise no role play with anyone you feel subservient to and are not on very good terms with. Not only does it not work it rapidly becomes counter-productive. This is my personal opinion.

Better than role play for most people is the following. It's the best free tip you will get for the telephone. When you have your killer script you need to practice it out loud in front of a mirror. If it does not sound right then it will not be right. Like an actor on stage in a play you have to keep practising until you get it right. Or at least you feel you have it right. It can always be modified once you have experience of using it. Always be listening in your calls for what works and what clearly might hit the buffers with potential clients.

Finally, please don't think you are too smart for a script. The smartest people I have ever known in sales have used scripts. Scripts for me are a no brainier but people without brains will rarely have a script. Try it, ask for advice and make it your own. You will not look back.

One of the best and easiest scripts to construct is a SKELETON where you list down the main points of your script in the shape of a fish bone and starting at the tail you work towards your eventual goal with script which is represented by the head. Draw the fish bone and add your key points. Using this will prevent you or the client meandering too much. This method is easy and completely works.

The above is just a simple guide to the subject. Getting it right will be one of the main challenges for any telephone sales team and any meeting making team.

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