"An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field."

~ Physicist Niels Bohr, quoted in the Harvard Business Review ~

Smiling On The Telephone

This aspect of telesales is somewhat important so please don't ignore it…

Please don't read this tip and forget it. I am in touch with a lot of people who are picking up stuff from me and running with it. I hope that includes you.

If you are truly followers of my advice you will implement what I am advising. It is certainly NOT as easy as it seems. You need to make a real effort every single day to be a Top Smiler. Smiling we can all do outside of work. Getting the knack of this in work where there is often not much to smile about is a true challenge. Don't dismiss this challenge as something you "do all the time ". None of us do. I struggle sometimes. Yet I know it is what I should be maintaining. An easy smile makes my work so much easier. You will find this too.

Business owners and managers should take notice of this post and constantly urge good humour and smiling in the team. I see many, many business-like offices where, frankly, it's just all too serious. Sales is a contact sport and it is incumbent upon each of you to lighten up. A lightened-up salesperson is the professional way. It really is. Smile as you dial, as the old saying says.

Never frown, never be too professional, too formal or just too clever.

Many, many pieces of medical research point to smiling being the absolute deal maker in conversation and so it is in face to face sales and also telephone sales and making meetings. (Don't forget always make meetings do not set appointments). You make appointments with Doctors, Dentists and Lawyers. In business you should be arranging MEETINGS. I really hope none of you are still appointment making? Arggggghhh!! Ask people for a meeting, stop being so formal.

Studies have repeatedly shown that smiling or frowning can make people feel happier and more anxious respectively. The secret of smiling is perhaps that it helps people relax. That is, it helps you and the client to relax. Consciously trying to 'relax' never really works although we all tell each other to relax. The thing with smiling is that when you really practice it and do it then, of course, you end up relaxing. Being relaxed is, in my book, the easier way to get your sales and set your meetings. This is true no matter how many brochures, facts and figures you have. You win with a smile.

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