"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent
that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change."

~ Charles Darwin, Naturalist, Geologist and Author (1809-1882) ~

About Simon Kenna

I am a professional, very experienced and popular telephone sales trainer covering the UK. My own career in sales spans 30 years, which some clients feel is what singles me out as a true professional. I have worked in many different countries on many projects initially as a salesperson then as a salesperson and team leader in many diverse and some unusual industries. My personal experience and accumulated knowledge of the skills, personality, energy and focus required for sales call training put me in a strong position to get optimum results from others, often involving inexperienced teams in start-up situations.
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What I Do and Don't Do…
Firstly, no seminars, ever. If you wanted a seminar on telesales, I wouldn't even be my own first choice. In fact, I wouldn’t choose myself for a seminar under any circumstances, although I could easily run one with full competence. My reason? With my extensive experience of telesales and telephone-sales’ workers, I have zero-confidence in the seminar process and even less in the role play that these seminars often have attached to them. In fact, one of my missions in life is to save the world from such seminars - to extinguish them once and for all. I am perfectly open about this and would back my own methods over those of any seminar-giver without a moment’s hesitation.

Working closely with individuals is the only lastingly effective way to achieve change and instil vigour into a team. I demonstrate this week-in- week-out via my work with companies across the UK. Clients love my enthusiasm and fresh ideas, which always resonate with those who commit wholeheartedly and diligently to working with me.
My Work For You…
I bring a unique process to each client, tailored to the idiosyncrasies of their market and their team players. Nobody gets taught the ‘perfect pitch’ or the ‘perfect process’, let alone the ‘perfect role play’. None of that. I specialise in one-to-one listening, after which I modify the behavioural traits I have observed to make the person better - usually much better - at what they do for you. I see your team as your investment and my duty is to make that investment grow by the best means available to me. This involves listening first, then feeding back a better way of doing things – or sometimes simply by confirming that the person in question is already applying the best technique. However, what I’ve discovered over decades in the business of selling is not only that we can all improve but also that someone with my level of experience can often provide the shortest and most effective route to greater success.

With honest commitment to my methods, your team will grow incrementally into a better and more effective fighting force. However, commitment to me and to what I do is key. Without it you might be better off going down the seminar route, since this may be what your people will prefer if they are not up to or capable of an open, face-to-face discussion of their fears, frustrations and foibles in the tough world of generating business via cold calling. It's ultimately a choice issue. The direct approach or the happy family seminar approach.
Ongoing Support…
Further support including call monitoring with feedback is an additional service I can provide. People can improve by leaps and bounds once I have heard a selection of their 'best' calls to new potential clients. It works, provided there is some basic potential in the person or team being trained.

Finally, and breaking the rule of never knocking one's competition I should add that all my clients get me and only me to train and mentor them. They never get a cardboard cutout copy of me delivering my message. You get me and only me.

More About Me

Companies that I have worked with feel comfortable with me and have referred to me as 'authentic' with regard to the help I offer. Every client is unique and there is no one size fits all methodology for telesales in my opinion. What makes my approach so successful, is that I attune very well to the needs of each individual businesses that I work with.
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And A Bit More

Each project is approached with a specific appreciation of it's varied challenges. Sometimes it will be a start up situation and other times an existing team that needs strengthening in as many ways as possible. Having an experienced and well tested set of outside eyes looking in can be the hinge that swings a very big door in sales.
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