"An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field."

~ Physicist Niels Bohr, quoted in the Harvard Business Review ~


Here is my suggestion on cold calling leads.

You may already have staff doing their own research before calling potential clients. This is certainly not the best use of their time if employed to get you new business by phone.

Very valuable time, often hours on end, are spent searching websites, LinkedIn and entering non clients onto a CRM isystem. ( The polar opposite to what CRM is all about: CRM is the Customer Record Management system - not for recording prospects). 
My solid advice for most is to buy in good data lists. Your team then spend their day  doing what’s important- calling prospective clients. Those hours spent researching? Generally a fudge for not being active on the phone and an extension of Call Reluctance.
Economically it’s such good sense to buy good data. Here is another consideration:

When you do your own research and make lists you need to be careful.There is no way of knowing if the target company is on the CTPS. (Company Telephone Preference Service).

Apart from any potential fine from calling such prospects, it really isn't an ideal start to a call when the person on the phone explains that they are on the CTPS list and that you shouldn't be calling.

I prefer to "call with confidence" - Know, without doubt, that your data has been sourced in the right way, is of high quality and meets all of the latest UK marketing regulations especially since GDPR. ( General Data Protection Regulation ) was introduced.

You also need the backing of knowing that the data has come from one of the UK's leading B2B data houses. My contact company is a founder member of the DMA (Data and Marketing Association) and are multi award winning in their field.

Finally, correctly sourced lists are presented in neat Spreadsheets with columns showing all sorts of key information about the target Company. Over and above the basics of address, phone, contact name etc, other metrics such as turnover, number of employees, year established etc can be shown.

My own contact  is as safe as houses with all of the above so if you have need of good, clean. CTPS checked lists then please get in touch with me for details. I do not make anything from the  introduction. It is part of my service to clients. You do need to be my client though🦉

Using such lists is far more economical, trustworthy and positive than all that time  spent with telesales doing their “research” or calling dead men that used to be clients as it’s easier than doing what should be done. Take my advice I have seen both sides of this coin for a long time. 

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