"An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field."

~ Physicist Niels Bohr, quoted in the Harvard Business Review ~

To Cold Call or not to Cold Call ? A guide for business owners.

Above is a large bunch of bananas. The baubles are the same as your clients in your pipeline. You have to call all  the bananas to get clients. Email will never crack it. Start calling people as if your bunch of clients depended on it. Stop fudging it and start winning. See below:

Many business owners reading this article will be starting with an entrenched and uncomfortable view of Cold Calling.

Interestingly the confusion between business to business cold calling and pestering spam auto-dialler calls and call centre calls to our collective home numbers and mobiles is only one small part of the reason for people, particularly business owners, being so agitated about Cold Calls.

In business to business sales the agitation is more truly to be found around being unwilling ourselves to engage in the process of picking up a phone and calling, say, our top ten new target clients each month. 

It’s not that anyone doesn’t want new business it’s simply Call Reluctance in making such important calls. So we employ others at not much above minimum wage and minimal ability to make the calls ? You know that process? It’s dreadful where your top prospects are concerned. Owners need to man up and call their counterparts in target companies. 

                           A Football Analogy
My example here is a game of football. If you agree to play a game of football you know there are rules and that you are aiming to outwit  the opposition and score goals . If you don’t like the idea you don’t play football. 

Business is the same. Setting up your business and having a phone installed is agreeing to the rules of the game. You call for business and others call you. If you don’t want that freedom the answer is not to have a phone. Complaining and hostility about inbound calls is such a nonsense when you are also looking for new business yourself. I see it everywhere.

A halfway house is getting listed with TPS (The Telephone Preference Service) and that will allow you to miss out on exhibitions and business propositions and other great opportunities that some inbound calls will bring. Being too precious about calls is showing an underlying issue or two . I have noticed many a company man taking an unhealthy  delight in getting rid of callers. This is my opinion.

If all SME business OWNERS  made 10 fresh effective calls a month to their top target counterparts their business would be transformed in 12 months. So much so that year on year you would increase these calls each month . Hardly anyone does it though. I am at the sharp end of helping people get more clients and 30 years later the story remains the same. Owners should make calls to get new clients.

I am not even talking about a Telesales team or procuring an outside agency to do the calls . I am talking solely of business owners making a tiny amount of calls themselves to their main prospects. No stronger call will be made than one MD calling another. That is my advice.

Call Reluctance is the only thing that holds leaders back and allows them to make a dozen excuses every month that permit them not to steer their company by example on the phone.

Some do it. I know many who do and they roar with a sense of well placed derision for those who don’t lead their teams by example .

My career in sales goes back several decades and Call Reluctance has always been noticeable as the least mentioned and yet most prevalent failure in new business ventures. In my experience around 90% of those of us running a business can overcome the problems associated with Cold Calling.

Get a professional to help you set yourself up and your team. Getting the right advice is essential. Where you get it from is up to you.

There are a ton of training companies most covering every subject under the sun. I cover just one subject and yet it affects all that happens. I am not in HR , computer software or an analyst or an Accountancy person I am a telephone sales accountability coach.

                Telesales acounttability coach

I am a Telesales coach and nothing more. Many will look at my Google reviews and give me a call for a conversation. My clients will sell themselves on my help and how it works . Call my office and we can set up a free call. Whenever I give my number out I tend to get emails, thus proving my points above.

How often should you pick up the phone ? At every opportunity is my answer. Call me 020 8720 6567

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