"An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field."

~ Physicist Niels Bohr, quoted in the Harvard Business Review ~

What’s Simon Kenna’s best tip for Telesales?

That’s a big question. Anyone who has met me in the course of their business life will know I have plenty of tips, plenty of process and a good degree of integrity to pass on to open minded young people who make their living on the phone .
There is no one tip that is top of a list as my help is very much horses for courses. That’s an old racing metaphor. Certain horses do particularly well at certain racecourses and that’s a fact. For example a few courses are left handed (so anti-clockwise) whilst most are right handed ( so clockwise ). Some horses cannot race to their potential on left handed courses whilst others have a distinct advantage. It’s curious and totally true. 
As for my best “tips” I do have one for almost everyone. When people meet me or send their weekly emails they get lots of personal ones. However if I were in front of a judge I would have to give the following as the single most useful tip and it applies to everyone.
Sales and telephone sales have  not changed much from the dawn of telephone time as it’s all about persuasion . Persuasion has been around since human times began. It’s technology that has changed dramatically and particularly over the past 25 years. 
Email is the focus of my “tip” : What every person responsible for new business should do is look forensically at each and every email they receive. The judgement is then “Can I call this person ?” Or more precisely should I call this person? Make a brief mental plan for that call before you dial. Keep going until you reach the person who placed the enquiry or the order. 

The opportunity to upsell and cross-sell is in every call you then make. Most people appreciate the call. It often secures a deal which is equally important. The value of a telephone call before any email confirmation is missed all day and every day by many companies.
The very weakest will be replying to emails with your own emails and then a long chain of email can happen. Ping pong. Total nonsense . I encourage everyone to reply to almost all sales related emails with a call.

Most of your potential and existing clients will appreciate the courtesy of these calls and after doing a hundred of such calls you will quickly see the advantages of improving the customer relationships and improving your own sales figures.
You don’t need to trust me on this you simply need to test and measure to confirm the process to yourself .

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